Paul Thompson's Consultancy
Paul Thompson's Consultancy 

Paul Thompson Consultant Executive Busines Senior Master Coach And Mentor is an ILM registered member and CPD accredited Coach and Mentor.

We have the information communication technology experience and specialist knowledge to develop information communication technology business systems, develop document management systems, develop standard operational procedures. We can improve  team commmunication, data query management, personal development corporate training using Accelerated Learning a proven instructional technology,  and develop  
data information systems to manage information supporting Senior Managers









PCT operates from Liverpool Chambers Of Commerce providing a high quality integrated ICT 

business service to SMEs, charities, social enterprises and large organisations.

improving data quality, adding value to organisations, and supporting them to achieve their vision and 

grow. Paul Thompson is a Senior Master Coaching member of the International Coaching Academy an ILM endorsed and Continuous Professional Development acredited provider. Owned by Company Director John Haynes an inspirational business expert in management with four decades of experience, and mentoring top companies around the world improving business performances


Welcome everybody to Paul Thompson's Consultancy Company website. Paul Thompson's Consultancy a strategical business consultancy welcomes feedback regarding their website from its customers to enhance their customer experience. Paul Thompson's Strategical Business Consultancy orginises data making it easier to access and analyse, saves customers time, money and effort with its integrated Information Communication Technology And Strategical Business Service improves website accessibility resulting in the improvement of data capture and validation.  Access to powerful business systems and knowledgeable power up mind set that helps enterprises to run more effectively and grow.



Paul Thompson's Consultancy  places the customer at the centre of everything it does when possible exceeding their expectations, and focuses on capturing the business requirements of the customer by carrying out a requirements analysis and modeling the data, then developing information communication technology business systems which fully meet those business requirements and needs of the customer as well as all implicit requirements often unmentioned. We also adhere to the McCall's Software Quality Factors flexibilty, reliability, efficiency, intergrity, usability, maintainability and the most important factor correctness. Providing ongoing business support to charities, social enterprises or businesses to improve business and personal performances and increase productivity in the work place, using Business Accelerated Learning and NLP.  We use Institute Of Leadership And Management personal performance techniques, including the Clean Coaching Approach, endorsed by Harvard Business School, and Computer Assistive Technology Software to support lthe learning process and verbal communication of Neuro Diverse individuals.


Paul Thompson BSc Honours, MInstLM founder of Paul Thompson's Consultancy is an inspirational knowledgeable neurological scientific strategic business leader and Chief Executive Officer of Paul Thompson's Consultancy with a proven track record of improving business, business systems and personal performances in the work place. Member of the Institute Of Leadership And Management. Professional Data Manager and  Data Quality Assurance expert with over 20 years' experience of managing data accuracy and clinical data qaulity, whilst working in a data support specialist roles, managing the processing of work force data, and managing financial and management information to support the management decision making process.  Mind View Assistive software business productivity tool professional, Text Gold Read And Write Assistive software expert, highly skilled business systems analyst and Accelerated Learning Practitioner, Web-based information systems and Business Objects report tool developer with technical knowledge of telecommunication and assistive technologies.



Data auditing, qualified Information Governance and General Data Protection Regulation Specialist


Specialist ILM Executive Business Senior Master Coach and ILM endorsed Neuro Diverse Work Coach,

 business systems and busines performance improvement expert

Customer Service Advice

Providing specialist customer service advice to Senior Management to manage and improve customer service

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