Paul Thompson BSc with Honours, MIstLM, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist at The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology founder of Paul Thompson's Consultancy completed Continuous Professional Development Web Master training with Corporate Communications Team in the University Of Liverpool whilst working in partnership with the Corporate Communications department on a website development project. Learnt how to put web site quality and accessibility into context and practise when writing web pages, and how to edit digital images to make them visually appealing.  Also learnt about content web management and Corporate Communications good practises, then learnt how to use web content application to become a competent user and learnt how to  utilise web content application software to create visually appealing accessible web sites.


Done Continuous  Professional Development training with the Reed organisation and learnt how to plan for success, which involved identifying barriers and how to overcome them, identifying time bound goals, and making an action plan in order to achieve those goals, learning about the 3G Mindset, whilst focusing on the True Grit Mindset to acquire the True Grit Mindset, during the Continuous Professional  Development. This is an essential mindset that an individual needs to acquire to become successful.


Finished Diversity and Equality training, whilst working in the Human Resources department in the University Of Liverpool making it a fair place to work for members of staff with disabilities and supporting them, whilst working with the Disabled Network and Equality And Diversity Officer  so that disabled members of staff could be the very best they could be and achieve their full potential in the workplace.


Ended Level 2 Computerised Accounts training at The City of Liverpool College, and professional business training with Making Business Work including Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media with Agent Marketing.  Received a City and Guilds Level 1 award in Computerised Accounts achieving a First Class Pass in the subject. Completed an Executive Sales And Marketing course and gained sales and marketing skills at Executive level 7  at an Institute of Leadership And Management approved centre  and CPD accredited. Completed professional Continuous Personal Development  job performance improvement training with Genius Within an ILM recognised training provider, and learnt how to improve the performance of Neuro different individuals in the work place.  Completed Text Gold Read and Write training with text help recognised provider Hands Free Computing a personal improvement tool to assist people with learning difficulties, such as Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.


Accelerated Learning Practitioner and believer in lifelong learning and Continuous Personal Development, who enjoys working in a safe adult learning environment, whilst supporting learners to achieve their learning performance indicators, so that they can achieve their goals and gain qualifications to allow them to build their career or gain employment in the private and public sectors.


Completed Continuous Personal Development in Adult Safe Guarding, Safer Guarding And Recruitment and Prevent certification was awarded by the Education And Foundation Training provider after passing online tests using Accelerated Learning Techniques.


Over a period of two days at the Women's Business Centre completed Route To Outstanding Continuous Professional Development and applied the Six Sigma methodology.  A performance improvement tool  that provides an ideal frame to review organisational performance, then to measure performance against a world class practice. This review process allows a consultant to identify strengths and areas for improvement. 


Ended General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) And Information Systems awareness Security Continuous Personal Development training about the general provision of GPDR and principals relating to the processing of personal data, rights of a data subject, conditions of consent, lawfulness of processing, processing of special categories of personal data, processing which does not require identification and information security to fully comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) and confidently managing customer data.


Completed the modules Communication, Performance Leadership and Business. The programme is specially to make those qualified coaching and mentoring Executive Business Coaches to become experts, and comply with the learning value that has been scrutinised to ensure the integrity and standards of CPD coaching

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