The founder of Paul Thompson's Consultancy Paul Thompson a Strategical Business Consultant and a Member of Liverpool  Chamber Of Commerce enrolled on the NatWest Pre Accelerate intensive 8 week programme that covers the topics value, proposition customer segments, customer discovery and validation, and testing assumptions to allow entrepreneurs to fail cheap, fast and smart.


Pre Accelerator is an intensive, eight-week online learning programme specially developed for early stage businesses and start-ups looking to validate ideas or take the first steps to growth. The programme is part of the Power Up initiative to help entrepreneurs grow and gain vital skills to be successful to boost the growing economy of Liverpool.


The programme for entrepreneurs started with the Innovation launch event on the 20th November 2018 at The First Ark Business Centre. 


The entrepreneur programme provides the following resources:


  • a bespoke online learning portal 
  • webinars and digital workshops
  • acccess to an established and active Facebook community of other like minded entrepreneurs


The Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership are working in conjunction with NatWest Bank to create entrepreneurs in Liverpool. Supporting the growth policy of the Liverpool City Council, and supporting entrepreneurs to aquire the digital social marketing and the entrepreneurs mind set to allow them to become successful entrepreneurs and gain the skills that the Liverpool needs to grow and create entrepreneurs and generate wealth in the city of Liverpool.


During the programme the online learning material and workshops will cover in depth the Business Canvis Model that is visual tool used to describe, design, challenge and pivot an individuals business model, and the Power Up mindset used by entrepreneurs. The programme will also cover in the following supplementary reading material the following topics:                

  • management strategies pitch
  • value proposition
  • customer segments
  • customer discovery
  • validation and testing assumptions
  • five ways to build customer loyality
  • the six characteristiics of successful entrepreneurs
  • the basics of cash and cash flowforecast    
  • seven ways to make your customers feel valued
  • top tips  for would be entrepreneurs
  • management strategies
  • surviving the early years
  • Leadership lessons try, try and try again
  • building your business and how to attract new customers
  • letting go how and when to deligate
  • big idea entrepreneurs
  • make yourself investable                                                           

The most important part of any individuals business model is to validate and test any assumptions that an entrepreneur makes before they progress onto the business start-up stage. An entrepreneur should only launch their product or service after their assumptions have been validated by their potential customers, identified during the customer discovery journey, and all assumptions made by the entrepreneur have been tested.


Paul Thompson BSc Honours, MInstLM an inspirational knowledgeable neurological scientific strategic business leader and Chief Executive Officer of Paul Thompson's Consultancy based in Liverpool is proud to be associated with this programme, and working with NatWest bank and the NatWest Accelerator team and the Relationship Manager and Personal Development Manager Natalie Hughes to provide help businesses grow and reach business excellence.  After celebrating the achievement of completing the Pre Accelerator Programme he plans to apply  for the NatWest Accelerator Programme, and then to work more closely with the NatWest Accelerator team, like minded entrepreneurs and the Relationship Manager and Personal Development Manager Natalie Hughes in the capacity of an Institute Of Leadership And Management qualified Strategical Business Consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Paul Thompson's Consultancy.


Paul Thompson's Consultancy is also collaborating with the Action Coaching organisation on a social marketing project as well as the Liverpool Chamber Of Commerce, Luv 4Marketing and Rank Coaching

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