Paul Thompson BSc Honours, MInstLM, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist at The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology an inspirational knowledgeable neurological scientific strategic business thinking leader is a knowledgeable and professional highly qualified Consultant Executive Senior Master Coach and Information Communication Technology Specialist, providing an integrated high quality Information Communication Technology Strategical Business Service to businesses in Liverpool. Developing and maintaining Information Communication Technology business systems, then managing the data Information stored on them.


Developing information communication technology business systems using documented system development methodologies, which add value to businesses and increase both productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Professional trained SAP financial management data master. Demonstrated  ability to provide a  high quality web development and content management service to businesses who want to develop a web platform to raise their profile and promote their services or products to generate leads.  Proved ablilty to provide a high quality social media and web content management services to companies, social enterprises and charities wanting to raise their profile or build a brand in the competitive market place.


Sustained a highly quality service to companies, social enterprises and charities wanting to improve the Search Engine Optimisiation, layout and usability of their websites.


Developing Information Communication Technology systems and electronic file management infrastructures to allow businesses to share information and operate in the competitive market place. 


Information Governance trained and qualified data manager with extensive data analysis skills, and advanced Microsoft Excel Skills. Customer focused trained database programmer with advanced Microsoft Access and report development skills providing a high quality data management service. Providing a Sage Cloud and Microsoft Excel data financial management service to businesses to insure they comply with the HMRC by keeping accurate and up to date financial records. Gained  high level  knowledge as  well  of SAP Financial And Accounts Management System and Civic Payments and Accounts Management to become a Financial  Management System Practitioner, whist adhering to General Data Regulations Principals Regulations And Laws.  


Creating documentation auditing trails to meet internal and external Data Quality Assurance Audits of managed critical data stored on databases and spreadsheets. Supported documented quality assurance audits, documenting policies and procedures supporting the bid writing and submissions process.


Provided crucial data management and data quality assurance mentoring guidance and advice whilst working for large organisations, including Siemens Business Services Liverpool University, and currently working for Liverpool City Council on the House Holds Into Work Project until 31 st March 2020. Demonstrated ability and knowledge to increase productivity in the workplace.


Proven track record of providing  a business and data migration service to organisations and large companies. Supported the in work performance of Neuro Diverse Individuals using Computer Assistive Technology and documented coaching coping mechanisms.


Established record of improving personal performance using Accelerated Learning Techniques to learn faster and retain the information longer in long term memory maximizing brain performance.  Accelerated Learning is a way to learn embracing the presenting of information to the mind so that people can more easily and accurately understand enabling people to memories and recall it later. Showed constantly ability to Improve business performance and business systems functionality in the workplace.


Verified leadership and management history of managing processes to insure the completion of work to meet dead line dates, developing and managing administrative systems, and insuring data confidentiality, whilst working in a result driven secure data environment for large organisations managing management data and producing high quality management information to solve identified problems, identify trends, and help with forecasts in the future.


Trained Viable System model practitioner with the proven ability to model the structure of an organisation whilst looking for ways for them to become more efficient through the encouraging of participation and democratic work practices

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